Soul Journey to the Temple of Spiritual Guides

Go on a 20 minutes Soul Journey and into a Sacred Space to deepen your spiritual channel. Connect with your Spiritual Guide(s) and receive unexpected gifts and activations for your life.

The Perfect Union of Color, Sound and Energy gives life to this Soul Journey!

Doni Amoris will guide you with enchanting music and his voice on this Soul Journey. Together we will journey up to the Temple of Spiritual Guides and discover the 4 Keys of Light (Empowering Activations). Remain open in your heart for your Guide(s) to appear and to bless you with insights and healing energy.

During the meditation you will receive personal energy transmissions and insights for your life. The Divine will communicate with you, by showing you symbols, which you may see in your inner vision.

Pay close attention to the colors and the symbols that you receive and discover what messages they hold for you.


Journey to the Temple of Spiritual Guides

Watch anytime on any device from the comfort of your home!


20 m

Lifetime Access


Recommended Practice

Listen to the recording as much as it resonates to deepen your spiritual experience. Each time you go on the journey, more layers will unfold for you. Headphones are recommended. Direct the screen of your device towards your body so that your aura can absorb the transmitted light codes.


Doni Amoris

Hello there friend!...My name is Doni Amoris, which means Gift of Love, and I have dedicated my life to be a channel of Divine Energy...Currently there are over 33 Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light that collaborate with me to touch and to heal your heart.

I am also the creator of the amazing and wearable spiritual technology of our time: The Illumination Scarves. My scarves are worn by more than 1200 spiritual icons such as Deva Premal, Diana Cooper, Kyle Gray, Birkan Tore, Yantara Jiro and many others…

We live in extraordinary times. This is a sacred time to follow our heart's calling and co-create a world that supports the well-being and happiness of all. I feel so blessed to be able to share my gifts of love with you. I invite you to explore deeper how my work can help you to reconnect with the fullest potential of your inner Light.


Journey to the Temple

Watch anytime on any device from the comfort of your home!